Fail less. Succeed sooner. Harness the power of humanity's most enduring problem solving mechanism

An evergreen resource for how to think about a strategy, plan and act on solving, and overcoming the biggest real-world challenges you face.

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You don't need to reinvent anything. Strategy has been around for millenia and has never lost its potency.

Being vastly overlooked or dismissed in today's jargon-filled, pseudo-psychology quests for success are real strategic methods to approach, simplify and solve problems. The Big How: Where Strategy Meets Success is a re-commitment to the time-honored art of strategy as a means to advance and overcome problems and challenges sooner and more effectively. It is written for practicality first. Within this book, Andy Slipher provides more than tactical instructions and steps. The Big How is an evergreen resource and reference for how to think about strategy, plan and act on solving and overcoming the biggest real-world challenges you face.

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What People are Saying...

Andy Slipher is a talented strategist and his marvelously timed book, The Big How, is an extension of his compelling lectures to business audiences. The people who achieve greatness are not just lucky. They did the hard work to create and execute a plan. Andy transforms his work into action, with clear examples and results, all grounded in The Big How.

Mary Lange
CAE, Strategic Initiatives, Texas Bankers Association

Andy’s book is well-timed and much needed in business and marketing. We can no longer simply have good ideas. They have to solve problems and produce outcomes for the real world. This is the kind of thinking and solutions Andy brings to the table.

Will Welch
CEO, CalTech

Andy Slipher is simply brilliant when it comes to strategic marketing. He finds out what you and your organization want to accomplish and most importantly how to do so in a unique and highly powerful manner... what Andy calls, The Big How.

Dick Bruso
Founder, Heard Above The Noise & Branding / Positioning Expert

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