The Big How: Strategy for Sales

Sell strategically. Get to 'yes' faster and more often.

Want to be a more effective salesperson while easing your frustrations and invested time in no-return sales situations? Strategy is the answer.

You don't have to have an MBA or Chief in your title to use strategy to your advantage. Strategy applies practical intelligence, decision-making and ever-evolving tactics to be more effective at anything - most especially, sales.

As a 15-year solo-preneur, Andy has had to learn to sell himself and his strategic marketing services one customer at a time across industries of all types. A marketer, strategist, CMO, and advisor to organizations, Andy will take your team inside the strategic techniques he uses in real-world situations in order to close more sales, help clients win customers of their own, while maximizing time, talent, and limited resources. Be ready to be inspired. Andy will share:

  • How to frame a customer and a sale to vet every sales situation in advance
  • An understanding of strategy as a transformative mechanism in sales
  • Three critical ways strategy can be applied in any sales situation to better your odds of success
  • How to use strategy to improve your long-term relationships between you, your customer and your organization
  • How to integrate marketing strategy into your sales process that will leave your marketing team and leadership in awe
  • How to use real strategy to inspire an organization to think more strategically about customers

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