The Big How: Strategy for Leaders

Forget failing. Forget reinvention. Simply be strategic.

If you lead at any level of any organization, you know the importance of problem solving and smart decision making. It's one thing to know your goal. It's quite another to know HOW you're going to accomplish it.

Strategy is your leverage for being decisive and making coherent choices in order to get you and your organization from your Point A to your Point B faster. Understanding how to frame and build your best strategy is key.

In this practical, motivational and inspiring keynote, Andy will leave your leadership and management with a new mindset in framing and solving their greatest challenges. Packed with stories, real-world examples and motivating ideas, Andy will share his secrets as a strategist and advisor in helping organizations solve real-world problems. Andy will share:

  • A new and clearer way of understanding the concept of strategy in order to tap into its power
  • The simple three-step strategic process
  • How to diagnose and frame any problem in order to solve it faster
  • The five key elements of any good strategy
  • Three critical pitfalls to avoid in any strategic planning process
  • How to harness strategy to inspire, motivate and gain buy-in to your plan at all levels of your organization

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