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As a strategist, Andy Slipher is sought by clients across a plethora of industries for his ability to zero in on business challenges in order to simplify them into the form of a strategic diagnosis.

Andy's advantage lies not in specific industry specialization, but in applied understanding of strategy to collectively craft a unified solution for any marketing or business problem.

His intimate and unique knowledge of both strategy and marketing drives the result—getting the product or service into the hands of the customer—regardless of client size, situation or industry.

Over the years, Andy has developed and continues to improve upon a process that builds leverage around an organization’s customers, best qualities, concepts, culture and marketing assets. It’s not about business size, changing a culture, “reinventing” or “re-imagining” anything. It’s about seeing what’s present and intensifying all available forces and effort around clear and specific outcomes. This is where good strategy is born and successfully carried out, regardless of business situation or industry.

Strategic Frameworks

Each client’s exact need is a little different. But they’re all looking for results. So, Andy has introduced solution frameworks—strategic schematics for asking the right questions, getting clearer answers, and putting laser-focus on actions that will achieve meaningful outcomes.

Business Strategy

Bringing his marketing acumen and experience as a CMO to the fore, Andy will help your organization devise and build a competitive strategy that will frame the overall pathway forward. This strategic plan will serve to codify all efforts around a central and proverbial uniting mechanism. An effective business strategy will help your organizational leadership to know how to prioritize and use its most cogent strengths against the most pressing opportunities. This is not your run-of-the-mill business strategy. It’s about intensified effort, tight decisions, clarity and deadlines.

Strategic Marketing Plan

Full-on marketing guidance–someone asking the right questions and enabling you to think critically about your industry, business, customers, competition, brand and marketing activities. A strategic marketing plan answers both, “What are we trying to do?” and “How are we going to achieve it?” in a thorough, resolute way that doesn’t miss a lick (broad-to-specific). It facilitates a systematic way of measurably and methodically moving a your business’s overall marketing activities from point A to point B.

Strategic Brand Plan

What is a brand? It’s a promise—a promise to all of its stakeholders to be and do something meaningful. Strong, relevant brands know themselves and their stakeholders. The more distilled and succinctly defined a brand, the better chance it has to be indelibly communicated, demonstrated and understood. This unique and proprietary process fits tightly between knowing a brand needs to be defined (or improved upon) and creating the final visual elements that describe a brand.

Public Outreach Strategy

Addresses and formalize an approach to address the public-at-large. This does not necessarily mean customers. Rather, it’s about respecting and interfacing with the general public as influencers, opinion holders, social activists and supporters of personal, political or economic interests. This type of strategy addresses a need for responding to criticism, opposing or competing points of view. It’s about taking a proactive, thoughtful, concerted and consistent point of view and turning it into a persuasive, powerful message, demonstrative action and clear communication in order to back it up. Its purpose is to build and demonstrate credibility to the public, and to communicate it authentically.


For its people to be inspired and in order to aspire, an organization must have vision—one that is clear and compelling to anyone who hears it. Sometimes there is no unifying or inspiring vision. Other times, a vision reads as flat, academic or long-winded. A good vision statement helps all stakeholders reach to something higher. Andy has developed a process for extracting both the most inspirational and aspirational elements of an organization’s compass—its ‘north star.’

Strategic Integration & Implementation

Change is hard, but success hinges on making it happen. After the strategy, this is probably the most critical aspect of helping your organization achieve results. You have a finished strategy, but how do your team to apply some “stick-to-it-ness”? Andy can help. It’s about learning how to apply a strategy and integrating its steps into action. The rest is habit. Andy can help by establishing, leading and facilitating a process, while integrating routine. This is the difference between hiring a consultant and hiring someone who can help you deliver on a plan.

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